Cam Girl Mental Health

Taking care of your mental health is a HUGE part of being a cam girl

6/1/20232 min read


Camming is not all adoration. Serious mental health issues like loneliness, isolation, burn out and secrecy happens to almost every cam girl that has ever done camming. In taking care of yourself, you’re taking care of your business. Many cam girls go through cycles of anxiety and depression due to being a webcam model. It's no surprise that many webcam models burnout in a few years from starting and return to boring, socially acceptable jobs. Some say camming careers can last years, but those are very few and far between.

Just know you're not alone and it's okay to give yourself a break! Camming is emotionally draining work and the ones that will spend money will always notice your mood, i.e your customers. If you're not feeling it, they probably won't be either. Unless you're a great actress, customers will notice if you're not feeling it.

Cam girl Violent Ventur says: "It's really hard on your mental health sometimes. I've definitely had times where I get dressed up, get ready to make content and then I'm just like, nah My biggest thing is there are times where I just have to not work and it's hard because everything's on my phone like social media. I suggest doing it at like a certain time. Don't just be on there all the time. That's the kind of thing that will wear you down. Always remember that there are filters. Like don't compare yourself to somebody that's got a filter because that's a big thing that it's been proven that Instagram fucks with people's self-esteem.

But just in general too, I listened to a lot of music like just general kind of self care. You can't neglect self-care either. But my, my biggest thing is limiting. I think limiting the amount of time that I've put into special conversations, like going back and forth with people who haven't paid me, you know, like trying to make conversions, um, where I've put it at a certain point. Like if, if you don't, bye by time on snap, you're gone. You know, like that kind of thing. It seems bitchy but it's really just taking care of yourself and being business minded and I feel like that is hard for a lot of people to remember that they are trying to do. it's a business transaction and I know that takes some of the sexy out of it. But if you haven't paid me to be sexy with you yet was transactional right now. Like we're talking about it, we're planning it. But if you have no intention of paying me, I'll know by five or 10 minutes in.

I've found that mental health as a cam girl is just trying to minimize the crud that you have to deal with and people that are wasting your time."

Below are a couple of experienced cam girls, Violent Ventur and Goth Eden who talk about what its like mentally being a cam girl and what they do for their own mental health.

Cam Girls Talk About Mental Health

Cosplay cam girl Violet Ventur and BBW webcam model Goth Eden talk about their own battles with their mental health while being a cam model

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