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Chaturbate can be tough to learn. Eperienced cam model Lushious Leesha shares her tips on how you can be successful on Chaturbate.

6/14/20234 min read

Chaturbate is a website that allows users to broadcast themselves and earn money through tips and subscriptions from viewers, typically featuring nudity and sexual activity ranging from striptease and erotic talk to more explicit sexual acts such as masturbation with sex toys. The site is divided into six categories: female cams, male cams, couple cams, transgender cams, private shows and spy shows. The gender-specific categories are free to watch but viewers have to pay to join a private show. Spy shows are private shows where viewers do not interact, and hence they are cheaper to view than private shows.

Experienced Chaturbate model, Lushious Leesha explains: "It's important to use the hashtags. I use Milf, I use Thick. I use Big Titties, Piercings. I use like all that crazy shit. So, yeah, I tracked a lot. There's like tons of tags and everything. I'm a weirdo. Like, I own my weird, I have a weird niche. You're not gonna see a lot of models like me. I'll do Fishnets. I'll do like fish nets, I do Glasses once in a while while people like that Pantyhose is a good one too. I don't see a lot of people using those. I do Weirdo. I do that a lot. Yeah, because people say I'm weird. I own that shit. I really do own that shit.

I don't hardly get naked. Like hardly ever. We play games. We play a lot of fucking games and it's fun. It's real fun. I sit there and I wait, you know, I just, I clean up my area. Sometimes I rearrange my pillows. I pull up my stockings, but sometimes I'll forget to put that in, in, you know, that the vibe thing, you know, it's all the way up and I do that when I'm waiting, just random shit until somebody comes in. I say, hey, what's up? You know, I call them out by name. So I think everybody deserves that, you know, and I get a lot of people that come in and out but people come to me just to talk, people like to talk to me and I appreciate that.

We do strip trivia. We do a lot of strip truth or dare. It's fun. I like to think of shit like that. And the only reason is the apps they have, the apps are boring to me. Like their games they have on Chaturbate. So I just make my own. But people come to me and they're like, where's your game? I'm like, I didn't do one tonight. I'm like, but I can whip something up and they will actually just come there for that. It's fun.

I have a lot of people do the cam to cam with me and they like that because I can see them and they can see me. It helps them a little bit better. I think with the cam to cam, I like that option they have on that. They can actually pay 20 tokens or three tokens or whatever you choose to share their cam with me or I actually see them right on my screen as like a little pop up.

I'm actually gonna be doing this new game called Build a Bitch. They get to dress me and shit. But like that's what it is. Like, it's your virtual girlfriend. Like I can be your girlfriend. I do offer GFE's and shit. But like guys come there just to talk to me like they pretend I, I I love it.

I actually did a really cool on private the other day. This guy just actually came on and he's like, I'm gonna tip you for something odd. I'm like, oh God here it comes. He's like, I want you to put your panties back on. I'm like, ok, I can fucking do that and he's like, well, let's go to private. I tried, I have a lot of, a lot of underwear. I tried on every single one for him. It was like an hour long private. It was so much fun. It was like a fucking fashion show and then he gave me like a five star rating. It was great. I love out of the box shit like that. Like come to me, I love that shit. Love it. Just dressing up for people. It's fun. And like, that's why I have such a different niche on Chaturbate. They just keep coming to me because I'm a weirdo lol.

I do black light shows like I paint my whole fucking body like, I fucking love it. I go on naked and like just paint everywhere. Oh and they're just straight dark and this, the black lights, you know, and the neon I'll have a few things on my face and I'll have guys tip to paint me. They can do whatever they want and I will paint myself because I love to paint. It's my shit. Yeah, it's just a good time. I love those kind of shows but afterwards it's very messy. I mean, especially with squirt shows. I mean, it's a good thing though lol..."

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