Crafting an Effective Tip Menu - Tip Menu Basics | Cam Girl Diaries Podcast #42

In this episode, we dive deep into the world of crafting an effective tip menu. Whether you're a seasoned cam model or just starting out, understanding the basics of a tip menu is crucial for maximizing your earnings and providing a top-notch experience for your viewers. Join us as we share valuable insights, tips, and strategies to help you create a tip menu that works wonders for your camming career.

9/12/202318 min read

Welcome to another exciting episode where we take a deep dive into the world of cam modeling! Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting your camming journey, you'll soon discover that crafting an effective tip menu is essential for skyrocketing your earnings and providing an unforgettable experience for your viewers. In this article, we're going to unlock the secrets behind creating a tip menu that will take your camming career to the next level. So, let's get started!

The Importance of a Tip Menu:

A tip menu is like a menu at a restaurant – it lists the various services or activities you're willing to perform for tips. It not only helps you stay organized during your live streams but also empowers your viewers to engage with you more effectively. Here's why it's crucial:

  1. Maximizing Earnings: An intelligently designed tip menu allows you to monetize your time effectively. By offering a variety of options, you give your viewers more opportunities to engage with you, leading to increased tips and earnings.

  2. Enhancing Viewer Experience: A well-structured tip menu helps viewers understand what they can expect from your show. It enables them to choose the experiences they desire, enhancing their overall satisfaction.

  3. Organizing Your Stream: It keeps your show organized and prevents chaotic requests. With a clear menu in place, you can smoothly transition from one activity to another without any confusion.

Creating an Effective Tip Menu:

Now that we understand the importance of a tip menu, let's delve into how to create one that works wonders for your camming career:

  1. Know Your Audience: Understanding your viewers' preferences is key. Take the time to interact with your audience, ask for feedback, and find out what they enjoy the most. This will help you tailor your tip menu to their desires.

  2. Offer Variety: A diverse range of options appeals to a broader audience. Include a mix of activities and services, from simple tasks like dancing or flashing to more personalized experiences like private shows or custom requests.

  3. Pricing Strategy: Be strategic with your pricing. Ensure that your menu items are reasonably priced and competitive within the camming community. Consider offering tiered options to cater to different budgets.

  4. Use Eye-Catching Graphics: A visually appealing tip menu grabs viewers' attention. Create professional-looking graphics that clearly display your menu items and their associated prices. This not only looks more enticing but also adds a touch of professionalism to your stream.

  5. Regularly Update Your Menu: Keep your tip menu fresh and exciting by occasionally adding new items or rotating existing ones. This encourages viewers to return and explore new experiences with you.

  6. Promote Your Menu: Don't forget to actively promote your tip menu during your broadcasts. Remind viewers of the options available and the fantastic experiences they can enjoy by tipping.

  7. Be Flexible: While a tip menu is a great tool, it's essential to remain flexible and open to spontaneous requests. Some viewers may have unique preferences, and accommodating them can lead to generous tips and loyal fans.


Crafting an effective tip menu is a fundamental aspect of a successful cam modeling career. By understanding your audience, offering variety, using a pricing strategy, and regularly updating your menu, you can create a powerful tool for boosting your earnings and enhancing your viewers' experiences.

Remember, your tip menu is a dynamic element of your camming journey, so don't be afraid to experiment and refine it over time. Engage with your audience, listen to their feedback, and continue to provide top-notch entertainment. With dedication and the right tip menu, you can take your camming game to new heights. So, get started today, and watch those tips roll in! πŸ’°πŸ’»πŸŒŸ

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Welcome to an all new episode of cam girl diaries podcast. I'm your host Gary Gaba ghoul or pervert Pete or Jiggajee, whatever you want to call me for those of you that don't know I've been on the internet for like 10 years I've got that fucking silver play button over there You know used to be a famous youtuber or some shit or semi famous or just a tiny bit famous whatever So what qualifies me to be the host of cam girl diaries podcast? Nothing, absolutely nothing. I've been on the internet I talk to cam girls, you know, share their stories and all that good stuff. That's all that qualifies me. But I love hearing from cam girls and what they do and you guys seem to like it. So you want to get schooled up is the place to be because apparently no one else is doing it. So if you want to support us on Patreon, you can support us on Patreon, backslash cam girl diaries, you know, get a little something, some little crank and you can just support the show. You follow the show, you know, I'm really inconsistent with this. It's kind of tough to do You know scheduling girls and you know with my own fucking mental issues, you know, I'm bipolar and I got all these fucking You know, I'm a fucking mess. What can I say? But yeah, you watch the show on YouTube at cam girl diaries or on your favorite podcasting platform You can follow us on Instagram at cam girl diaries with the Z Twitter no fucking I hate Twitter or always the X now or some bullshit whatever at cam girl podcasts And of course you have Facebook, but Facebook is fucking the Facebook is the worst Don't promote on there like you have to do it in such a fucking pussy way. I hate it. I can't stand it But that's it. Let's get to the fucking show. Today we're gonna listen to a girl from SW Forum. So I assume that's Sex Worker Forum. I can't find the Sex Worker Forum, but sure it's somewhere. But she's gonna talk today about, what is it? Tip menus. Some girls in past episodes have gone into tip menus. Not too much. So I figured, you know, tip menus are important, I think. So let's see what this girly has to say about tip menus. Again, she doesn't give her name. It's just sex worker forum. So I don't know. Let's find out. Welcome back. Yeah. Today we're talking about tip menus, specifically on Chatterbait, but this applies for other camming sites also. You can also kind of keep these things in mind if you're creating a tip menu for OnlyFans. I will do a separate video for that because I've seen a lot of those out there and they are going to have a little bit of a different strategy, but you can take some of the basics that I'm talking about here and apply it to that as well. First of all, what is a tip menu? It's basically a list of things that you will do on camera and how many tokens the person needs to tip you for you to do that task. a certain number of Spanx, certain number of minutes to add to a naked timer, things like this are kind of Oh, I never thought about that. You can you can set your you can make your tip menu like alright one spank is like 20 tokens, but if you want like five, that's like 60 or some shit. I don't know. I guess that's a good idea The basics of how it goes, but it can get a lot more elaborate and it can be a really long list of things if you want to The purpose of a tip menu is really to increase interaction and to make it more clear what you're offering are for people that come into your room that don't necessarily know how much you charge for something. It's an easy list for them to be able to see some basics of what they can get if they want to tip you for something. If someone puts a message into a tip note, do not read it out loud. Most of the time when they're doing this, they want it to be private and just sent to you, so you can answer this subtly if they have a question in it, or if they're okay with you answering publicly, that's fine. But most of the time, keep in mind that a tip note is meant to be just for your eyes. So- Ooh, that's a good point. Yeah, I didn't even think about that. Like, you get a tip note, and they say something, you know, like- like you're on Chatter Bay or something, you get like a fucking tip note. And they're like, yeah, I want you to call me boom kitty fuck and stick your finger in my asshole. I guess it's not good to fucking blurt that onto. Camera or anything like oh, I want you to call me I want I want to call you mommy and you call me Sonny boy or some shit like yeah I wouldn't want that in the chat. Yeah, so that's the good point Don't read it out loud. No, like I mentioned earlier. There are certain things you can put on your tip menu This can be flashes that can be take a sip of your drink and be do squats It can be get naked for two minutes five minutes. Whatever you want to set is that hula hooping handstands? What the hell why she edited that fucked up? I'm not great at editing but you cut that off a little too quick girly But yeah hula hooping if you're good at hula hooping I see some fucking crazy girls that can fucking hook up hula hooping like crazy on YouTube So yeah, if you can hula hoop that's something you definitely want to do or anything that you're fucking like, you know Most people don't do like hula hooping. Not a lot of people can do that, right? Like like your tip menu I don't know man Like if you can hook up some shit that not a lot of girls do, that'd be the fucking thing to do for your tip menu. And focus on that, you know? Make sure that if you put something on your tip menu, you will do it every time it is tipped for. If you put something on there and someone tips for it and you don't do it, that is a very fast way for people to not want to come into your room and not want to tip you because they don't know if you're actually going to do what they're asking. On the other side ofWho would do that though? Like if you're going to put it on your tip- yeah, isn't that common sense? Like if you're going to put it on your tip menu, you better fucking do it. Like what? What the fuck? Any girl that puts shit they're not willing to do it or they make it a big deal like I really don't want to do that but okay like what the fuck is wrong with you you're never gonna be successful if you do that oh fuck yeah don't of this, if you have something on your tip menu like a specific flash or squats or naked time, don't do these things for free. They're not going to ever tip for it because they're just gonna wait for you to do it for free on your own. Pricing wise, there are a few different things you can do. Certain things that are really easy to do and don't necessarily require nudity are good to keep it a little bit of a lower price because then they can keep you interacting with your users and your viewers. This can make your room a lot more fun for someone to come hang out and watch. One of the things that I put really low on the pricing side is just cheersing and taking a sip of my drink. I drink beer on camera, not a lot of people do, but if it was just a sip of wine or whatever cocktail you have, if you have something like that, putting that as a low amount... is something they can just tip for to have you do something in return. If there's, I guess, I mean, stuttering John does it for free. He's like school. He fucking gets all tanked up. He does that for free. He doesn't fucking nobody fucking gives him a super chat for that. But that's a whole other fucking, that's a whole other thing. But yeah, I guess that's cool. I don't know. I don't like that. Just, I don't know. I mean, yeah, shit, I can't hurt to try. Can't hurt to try a lot of things. Like, what, like fucking, like if you're just putting together a tip menu You know, like you don't even know what to put on there. Just put, like she's saying, just put that shit and see what happens. And like if people aren't, like you know, after a week or two weeks, like people aren't doing certain tips, take them fucking tips out of your tip menu and try new things. You know, like that's how you figure out what works and what doesn't. You know, and also if you could like figure out like things that like a lot of not a lot. Not a lot of people do. Like, you know, like some kind of fucking game. Like, I know cam girl Luscious Leisha, who sometimes hosts on this show, she'll say she does, what do you call that? Like game shows and shit. Like if you put like a game show on your tip menu, like Price is Right game shows, you know, like Plinko, but dirty Plinko, you know, that might be something. Anything that you want to put on your tip menu because it gets requested a lot, but you don't really enjoy doing it Just make it a little more expensive than you would otherwise There are certain things that I know people will tip for but I don't necessarily want to do them Then I get a little bit more motivation for something that I don't necessarily want to do if you Or if there's something that you really don't want to do, but you are willing to do it just set that fucking price high It's not, you know, and if nobody tips you, oh well, but maybe you get that one tip, you know, it's fucking whatever. I don't know the currency or whatever, but like fucking seventy dollars to fucking show your butthole and you really don't want to show your butthole. But to you, seventy dollars is worth it or fucking one hundred and seventy dollars. That's worth it to you. Then do that. Right. I mean, can't hurt to try. That's the theme of today is it can't hurt to try. If you are setting something at too low of a price, that can also give off the impression that it's not actually worth tipping for. If you're doing a flash and it's a super low price, you might be trying to tell them that you love doing that flash and you just want it to be available really easily for everyone, but it comes off as you aren't worth tipping a lot for, so they don't actually end up wanting to tip for it. That's something I never thought about. Yeah, I never thought about that. Like it looking like. I've never really analyzed anyone's tip menu, but I never looked at a tip menu and said, oh yeah, that's not worth it or I don't know. I don't know. That's a weird, that's weird. So I mean, it's weird to me, but I'm sure it makes sense. If you are setting something at too low of a price, that can also give off the impression that it's not actually worth tipping for. If you're doing a flash and it's a super low price, you might be trying to tell them that you love doing that flash and you just want it to be available. really easily for everyone, but it comes off as you aren't worth tipping a lot for so they don't actually end up wanting to tip for it. While I'm talking about flashes specifically, price out your flashes to be worth at least 30 to 60 seconds of your time. I have talked to a lot of my fans about this and if they ever tip for a flash and it's only a couple seconds, they're not gonna want to do it again. Another thing that is good about- Yeah, I mean that makes sense, like, where you just go whoop and that's it, like you gotta fucking bust that beat like bow fucking- do some punching bags or some shit, you gotta do some, yeah, I mean, fuck. Yeah, do a second? Yeah, that's not... Even the fucking, the worst, uh... the worst fucking chatterbaiters I've ever seen, Danny Mona, which I forget what episode number it is, it's fucking... the absolute worst fucking chatterbait show I've ever seen in my life, and the funniest, but... at least when they did their tip menu, people would tip them the certain things, like... I said, at least like for flashing, I remember Danny Mona, one of the, I guess the old lady or whatever, like they would tip her to flash and she would like literally pull her shit up and just stand there, literally stand there for like a minute. So at least she was giving them a good amount of flash for a minute, but like she's just stood there and did absolutely nothing. So I mean, there's that balance too. If you're gonna show shit for a minute, like don't just stand there, do your fucking shirt up like Danny Mona did. You gotta fuck you. I don't know fucking move around fucking flap them shits or whatever Whatever, you know, don't just stand there doing nothing Doing flashes for a little bit longer if your flash lasts for 30 to 60 seconds That thumbnail on the front pages when people are scrolling through the different people online Even if by the time they get to your room, you don't have that body part showing They will see it in the thumbnail because it actually you gave it enough time to update that thumbnail That is a great fucking point. That's a great point, especially for chatterbait I don't know about any other sites but chatterbait like if people see you fucking like you're doing shit on a thumbnail They're definitely gonna click because you see like if you go through chatterbait You'll see like, you know Like just girls like just sitting there doing nothing and you know, who's gonna click on that shit I don't want to see some girl just sitting there doing nothing you know like show some shit like you know like i've seen that too like you fucking like some shit like she's doing something crazy and shit and like you click on it and like you know then she's just sitting there again and but you're like oh shit she was doing something crazy just a minute ago what the fuck's gonna happen right so great point if you find that you need to change the prices try to get a good idea of all of the changes you need to make and do it all at the same time that you're never going to stop changing and someone just won't know what to expect the next time they come into your room. So if you're going to do any changes, make sure you do them all at once and not super frequently so that your regulars can be consistently knowing what they're going to get and how much they have to pay for something when they're coming into your room. I'm going to put a list right here of the things that I put in my tip menu. I have a pretty long list because I like having a lot of options for whoever comes into my room. All right, let's take a look at her Comtax. I don't know what a cum tax is, but that sounds interesting. Cheers a drink, like she said. Feet flash. Yuck. But, you know, people are into feet. Twerk dance. That makes sense. Spanks. Squats. Okay. Song request. Eh. I mean, if people tip for that, yeah, definitely. That's fucking easy, right? Put on heels. That's a good one. That's easy. Stand, walk around. Who the fuck's gonna tip for that? Maybe some people like that shit booty flash Boob flash, both make sense. Nipple clamps, okay, there you go. Vag flash, definitely. Doggy flash, definitely. Put on handcuffs, okay. Lotion oil, makes sense. Ice on nipples, okay. Naked, definitely makes sense. Take a shot, okay. Snapchat, Instacom. What's an Instacom? I would love to know what that is. Come deny slash save. All right, yeah. I mean, those all seem like your standard things, you know, definitely try all of them. But I would also say like try to throw in some shit that, you know, not a lot of other girls are doing like a fucking like, you know, some dirty game show or dirty, some kind of fucking some kind of game or something, you know, to keep people going. I don't know. That's just me. Every single stream I do is going to be different because one night everyone could want to do Spanx. The next night, everyone could want to see me do a ton of squats. I really don't know. And it's up to them, which keeps it a little bit more fun. When you're thinking of things to put on your tip menu, think about the amount of distraction it takes away from your chat room for certain items. If it's something like requesting a song, you having to go on your phone and look up that song to add to the playlist, that takes your eyes off of the chat room and on to something else. That little bit of distraction can be enough to scare some of your viewers away because you're not interacting with them. So keep these things in mind. Anything that requires me to leave the room, it's going to cost more. I will lose viewers because I will be gone away from the screen or I won't be looking at the chat directly and being able to answer questions. That is a great point. excellent point because you see a lot of girls on chatterbait especially where like they're fucking they're not even paying attention to the chat and They got like fucking five people in the room like no shit. You have five people in the room You're not paying attention to the chat. They're fucking like looking at their phone. They're fucking fiddling with some bullshit You know you have to pay you have to pay attention to your fucking chat absolutely People will get bored very quickly. They're probably gonna leave. And not everyone will, but some people will, and your idea is really to keep your viewers engaged. The more you keep viewers, the more viewers you will get, and then you keep more of those, and then it's just a cycle. You'll get more and more viewers as the days go by because people want to stay and hang out with you because they know you're gonna be engaged the whole time. So... Those are just a few of my tips for the tip menu. If you wanna see specifics on anything that I haven't included in what I offer and some of the different pricing strategies that I have provided for you guys in this video, please comment below. I am more than happy to make another video. Don't forget to subscribe and follow me on Twitter. That's where I post some polls so you guys can help me figure out what videos to make next, all of that kind of stuff. Feel free to reach out to me on any platform and I hope you guys have a great rest of your day. See you next time. Alright that was pretty good alright, so yeah if you want to follow her on Twitter It's at SW underscore forum go check her out and see what she has I definitely want to Talk to more girls about their tip menus because I mean everyone does their tip menu Well, I mean I guess a lot of people do their tip menu the same and all that stuff But I'd be curious to hear what other girls have to say about their tip menus Yeah, if you guys want You know discuss the tip menu your tip menu or you have any questions leave it in the comments on youtube or your favorite? Podcasting platform of course you can hit us up on instagram at cam girl diaries Twitter at cam girl podcasts fuck Facebook I hate Facebook, but uh yeah If you have any questions, and you want to fucking you want to ask other girls what they think about their tip menus and whatnot You know let us know and we'll fucking we'll ask them questions and shit. I guess the next girl that I interview will deep dive into her tip menu. Or I'll find someone that really wants to talk about their tip menu and just make the whole episode about their tip menu. Because I'm interested in the tip menus and shit. How they work for some girls. Because I see on Chatter Bay especially, even the successful ones, not all of them have tip menus. So why is that? They're successful. I see some girls, you know, over a hundred followers and shit and they don't have a tip menu. Why? What you know, clearly they're successful without a tip menu and then you see some, you know, same six figure followers and they have like an elaborate tip menu. Some have simple tip menus. So I want to deep dive more into this tip menu shit. So we'll definitely be doing another episode on tip menus. I just wanted to like just, you know, just get my, get my dick wet on tip menus and shit. So hopefully this gave you a little insight. just like the basics of tip menus and shit, which you know, if you don't know what to do, you got to start somewhere. So I guess this was a good start. So again, if you want to support us on Patreon, it's backslash cam girl diaries, follow us on YouTube or any of your favorite podcasting platforms. If you want to be a guest on the show, links are in all the descriptions all the way at the bottom, I think. Yeah. And fucking hit us up. Thanks for listening or watching, whatever the fuck you're doing over there. And I'll see you next time. Sookey Sookey

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