Exploring the World of Cam Girls: Bella Maori's Journey as a Playboy Bunny, Actress, and PhD Scholar

Welcome to a captivating journey into the world of cam girls as we delve into the extraordinary life of Bella Maori. Join us as we uncover her unique experiences as a Playboy Bunny, accomplished actress, and dedicated PhD scholar.

10/9/202340 min read

Welcome to a captivating journey into the world of cam girls as we delve into the extraordinary life of Bella Maori. Join us as we uncover her unique experiences as a Playboy Bunny, accomplished actress, and dedicated PhD scholar.

In this episode, we invite you to gain deeper insight into the multifaceted world of Bella Maori, a woman who defies expectations and stereotypes in the pursuit of her dreams. Her story is a testament to the power of ambition, determination, and the art of breaking down barriers.

Bella Maori: The Multifaceted Artist and Scholar

Bella's journey is nothing short of remarkable. She has seamlessly transitioned between different worlds, demonstrating that one's aspirations and interests need not be confined to a single path.

Camming, Acting, and Academia: A Balancing Act

In this post, we'll explore the unique challenges and triumphs Bella has faced along her path. From her beginnings as a cam girl to her foray into the world of acting, and her commitment to higher education as a PhD scholar, Bella's life is a compelling narrative of ambition and resilience.

Inspiration and Valuable Lessons

Whether you're curious about the world of camming, dreaming of a career in the arts, or navigating the challenges of academia, Bella Maori's story offers inspiration and valuable lessons. Her ability to navigate these diverse roles with grace and determination serves as a beacon of hope for those who dare to dream beyond the boundaries set by society.

Exclusive Interview with Bella Maori

Stay tuned for our exclusive interview with Bella Maori, where she shares her incredible journey in her own words. You won't want to miss the insights and anecdotes she has to offer.

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Bella Maori's journey is a shining example of how determination and a fearless pursuit of one's passions can lead to a life that is both extraordinary and fulfilling. We hope her story inspires you as much as it has inspired us.

Show Transcript:

with us hey Bella how are you hello hi thank you for having me yes thank you

for coming so what have you been up to um I just finished camping actually that

little hour that it's supposedly love I might as well make the best of it

um yeah it was it was pretty cool um just went on there for a little while and yeah how appropriate right to come

to do it yeah and you look great stunning over there oh thank you

um you're welcome so you said you're on my ptms correct yeah you've been on there for how long

since 2018 so that's the that's amazing right yeah off the noise I took I take

breaks sometimes but um it's been it's been a off and on you

know you know how it is sometimes you get burnt out yeah like I need a break

exactly yeah so how is that what was it like over on my free cams I don't I'm actually I'm

signing up for my free cams I go on there once in a while but it's a token site correct yes

so yeah I mean um I think what all the campsites I think it just like depends on where you feel

comfortable with your personality and your brand you know um

it's sort of like you know I guess I'm a little goofy kind of you know

that's sort of fun you know we were fun yeah it's my phone's fun I mean I guess

I just wanted to see kind of where I fit in um I tried some other ones and um this

seems like I just keep coming right back here this is my home so yeah good stream there really probably

10 times but it's always been I've always had really good times I love their interface like their whole

platforms because I think that has a lot to do with whether or not

you join or not like if I see one with the interface is looking like really like shady or like I don't know it just

doesn't seem I don't know you know what I mean no I'm telling you I do know what you mean

because but you know what I mean right yeah I'm on Chaturbate I'll tell you I do know

100 because I love ChatterBait but I [ __ ] hate them because their interface is like 1992. you know yeah

and I like I don't have my my camera's the first time I was like what is this it has so many computer that has so many

cool features you can what design your chat room tell us some of the cool features

yeah I mean you can design like you say you could design your chat room um you could design your your your menu

um you can even like some girls they they have like their whole profile

um done so like there's a way you have to do it mine is

just bait is like basic but this way I think you have to do like there's some coding involved I think on

that and so it's a little difficult but there's people who can do it for you those guys are like oh you want me to

fall for you but to me I'm just like no it's okay and profile is looking like really um

cool you know I know yeah yeah that's cool I just it's I am a

funny story about that is like how the profile looks is it does have a lot of a lot of cool things you can add to it but

I had one of my uh Chaturbate guys come over and they're like this is too much for me I'm like what they're like the

there's so much going on I'm like I know it's fun right definitely a fun site

yeah it is I mean it's like I mean it sounds crazy but it's like

you're almost like a therapist yeah yeah you know you're talking you're talking because it's a it's a free chat

so you spend a lot of times talking to people and um it's just surprising like the type of

people you mean and like you could be having a bad day and then you go on there and then it just like someone can

make you laugh and it sort of just like brightens up your day you know so yeah yeah would you study would you say like

with camming does it increase your self-esteem um that's a great question

that is a really great question um

I don't know and I'll tell you why because I've been in the adult industry

in some type of capacity for a very long time and so I think

I really don't even look at it like that anymore um it's just sort of like it is what it is

I don't think it does does anything like that for me um I'm just still my

self you know yeah

hello what about you like oh it actually helped me um I've been kind of really

bad self-esteem always um when I got on there I got so many compliments from guys and I'm like oh my

God like they like me it just it really increased my self-esteem but then you get those [ __ ] that come in and they're like you know just being

[ __ ] and it's like you know see you said you better need adult

industry for a while I mean in some type of capacity like so I started off as a lot of people we know

this and it seems like it can never get away but I used to work at Hooters nuggets and so it's sort of like who

knows I think it's sort of like a way to this sort of thrust you into

um adult in some type of way well so like a lot of girls like that work there

they either went on to be like you know dancers or you know cam girls or escorts

or something like that and so you sort of get used to like the whole thing of flirting with you know people and like

it started you know like yeah they do but you know well that's a really good

starter place it really is you know to get your some people are uncomfortable like being around guys like that but I

play Jesus certain kind of person but that's cool so you worked at Hooters and then what did you do and then I went to school I went to

college and then um I started doing mainstream Hollywood modeling and then

acting yeah I still do a lot of that well now it's on a strike but I still do a lot of stuff like that in commercials

and stuff like that it's cool yeah do you like doing that kind of stuff I

do I love it yeah um I've always been into the Arts and

um yeah I love to tell stories and you know all that good stuff so

this job really works well for me because it's so flexible and especially right now there's not a lot of work with

strike so what is the strike you're talking about um it's the Stag strike so

basically um these the sad writers are striking because they're not you know getting

Fair rages and things like that and then um the performers excuse me the performers

are striking because they're okay you know like AI yes um they want to like

um buy the rights to their images so like

for example they would um let's just say

I don't want to say any actresses his name or anything like but that but they would like give them a lot of money and then use their image indefinitely

wow yeah so can you imagine yeah pretty cool at all I would definitely be on

strike well yeah well it should yeah it's really intense

you know so they're like no it no you know we're not we're not doing that and

so yeah I think it's probably gonna go on for a while because

I don't think there's any type of resolution at this point you know so hopefully they get things their way

because people definitely need to be paid for what they're what they're doing you know definitely yeah yeah so you've

been doing this for five years you said um do you see this as something like long term that you're still going to continue to do

um I don't know this is some really great questions and I nearly ever get stopped like once I was doing like um

yeah red actually like find questions or think about questions like I want to be

asked or something like off the wall you know like yeah it makes it work for me hey it's great I like it okay I mean I

love it you know it's sometimes it's like you can't get out

because it's like when you get out and you try to do something different you're like wait a minute I know and the

flexibility of working like this it's amazing I mean you can pretty much work anywhere it's great okay I mean in the beginning

the very very beginning I was so scared because I was like oh my God you know so just they're gonna find out and this

person's gonna find out and then I remember um I had this situation where I found

one of my videos on a tube site and I was like oh my God like I'm crying and

like take it down you know and all this stuff and um but I thought I'm like

I'm not ashamed I kind of got over all of that you know I was like I'm not ashamed I'm like

is it Pottery it is really empowering to to have this type of agency over yours

over your um body over your career over yourself and uh you're not clear

it's it's a I don't feel like that anymore yeah no I think I was kind of

embarrassed when I first started doing it but I was like you know I had to do something I couldn't find work so here I am you know but like I have always been

a super open and sexual person so like people ask me and I tell them what I do you know they're like what I'm like yeah

that's what I do you are able to hear about what you do when people ask you like what you're

working well I mean a lot of people already know because I mean I'm a really private

person anyways but um I mean my Instagram it tells a lot of stuff about

me but things that I don't mind people knowing but I mean I don't just start saying oh yeah by the way you know I do

Camp you know yeah yeah me neither like I've been an influencer yeah yeah yeah

yeah you're like yeah no I've been selling yeah let's do live

I just you know the therapy chair and talk to people yeah

anytime they notice like when I said people ask me I'm I just say like I'm a webcam model they're like oh what is

that I'm like just use your imagination they're like okay okay yeah I mean and then there's just so many facets level

though because there's there's I mean there's girls where you don't even have they don't even like take their clothes off or anything or they don't do

anything you know and it's great because I feel like when I'm like more closed I

make more money it's the strangest thing I know that sounds crazy but you do you really do

I'm I'm not one of those girls I I get you know I get naked sometimes but we I do like game shows if you ever have seen

the podcast where I'd interviewed on here um I do game shows a lot on we play games all the time and like you said I

just talk to people I love to talk I talk Non-Stop foreign


that's not doing anything for me can you stop it's like okay I know you're in the sound and you did you're getting happy

and then you kind of look at the voice you're like wait a minute they only took me once okay they're like they're like oh [ __ ] you

know so how does the how does that work over there like I know what ChatterBait like a token like point zero five cents

how is the pain yeah the same MSC yeah

I Ollie not about join in ChatterBait but I just I don't know I just I go to

the the interface and I'm like I don't know it's hard yeah and then like and then uh

I just recently was thinking about joining um cams.com I don't know if you've ever been on war no I have known

I was I was looking at the process and I'm like oh God you know to join and everything I'm like oh it's like oh

is that a tokens like where was that kind of like the privates um I think I'm trying to remember if

cams I don't know because I haven't did that much about him but there's so many

out there it's hard to keep track yeah and you gotta be real careful though you got to be careful

yeah because it's a lot of like scam people and they won't use your videos

and without you knowing and stuff like that yeah that happens a lot too like I'll search my name once a month and I'm

like oh my God I'm everywhere like am I supposed to be over here like it's it's it really you're not getting paid for

that you're like is that take it down take it down I think it's just like this industry is like

there's no way we can control it very I mean the MCA there's branded skin and

all that but like it's still out there it is and people like know how to hack everything I don't know anything about

that kind of stuff like it's like they can just get anything they want hackers so there's really no way around it and a

lot of new people I notice like they'll get pissed off it's like you know there's shit's out there but it's like kind of bound to happen yeah realize

that you know yeah it's nothing it's a shock at first because when it first happened to me when I first started I

was I was them I hated it I'm not gonna lie I was like my God and I'm crying

I was like I gotta get over this because this is this is and then I stopped and then I was like forget it I'm going ham

I'm just going all the way all the way and then yeah so the DMC let's talk

about that because I've never talked about that with anyone else the DMC agreement as far as I kind of look at it I

understand it is like say Chaturbate or myfreecam like if you find yourself elsewhere you can copy the link and send

it to them correct and they'll take it there yeah yeah and well I yeah I think with MFC you just send them a message

about it and they'll do it for you nice so chatterbed does that for you well kind of I was going to ask you about

that because the last time I found my stoplight on 10 website so I sent all the links over it to put an email and

send it and they said we can't take they only took two down and the reason they couldn't take the rest down was because

there's an option you could choose which you had to read if you want to be found like on the main page if you say no then

you won't your stuff won't leak it's just it's kind of shady but they said see yes I mean they can't

take those things down I just I don't really understand it all honestly it doesn't make any sense that you you

can't take it down if it's International if it's like overseas young as long as

it's in America they get they have to take it down but like most of these companies they operate out of like

Romania you see if you were on an island with like two people

I know I don't like so you can't get them the DMC the dmca means nothing over

there it really doesn't it and they know that they know that oh that's why

they're on the island you don't want a little boat you know they're in the there and they're in the

containers oh my God they're because we are I will not the containers on the phone

right and they're like how much did you get I got them all how much you know funny stuff

no it's so crazy because I remember when I when I when I um Googled myself and I

found it and then the ones that they post in there it's like I'm looking so dumb like they just they capture the

video where you're just sort of just standing there you're sitting there at the camera sort of just like kind of like really but you couldn't have done

better than that are you staying here at the computer like with no shirt on and you're just

like like the weirdest egg on it's like oh my God for real like you get the

craziest Clips like dude I'm like this is so wrong it's wrong for that alone because it really is like embarrassing

I'm like come on I know you know what I'm talking about

oh we'll get oh my God okay yeah the one I was like typing in my mouth was like half open and I like

you know I'm just gonna go past this and pretend it doesn't exist but yeah probably I guess joining dmca

that's kind of what it means is they can take your stuff down if it's not overseas and that's rare so that's

another remembering that's because you're gonna be yeah it's rare you can't do anything so that was this okay I

don't know if you know about this guy there was this guy he was he was a menace he was like a cam girl of Menace

and he I cannot remember his name right now but he was taking like all the girls

content and putting it on this site understand if you asked him to take it down he was

like no I'm not taking it down he was on Twitter and everything but it was so I think it was like in 2019 like right

before the pandemic hit and he was terrorizing cam girls I got there with her with their stuff then he's like so

he finally took mine down because I kept asking him to ask him to take it down and then he sent me a message and he's

like I don't care and I was like thank you so much she's like you don't have to thank me you you swore like that and I'm

like he's probably got a two inch dick you

know and he's like working here right it was awful it was just awful he got I

think he got a kick out of like girls like panicking yeah it was probably like narcissist seriously [ __ ]

some of these people are too marketed like that goes back to saying you have to have a thick skin because some of it

really just like you know go get a job start camming or

something they're in their mom's basement they're in the bus go away so they're friends

over in the boat you know really it's so crazy

because well he is it's like the [ __ ] you can't make up you really can't so yeah girls if you're ever into this

stuff you're going to be overseas you're gonna be everywhere so just remember that yeah you're going to have to accept that you're out there and just don't

give a guy and roll with it yeah the rest of your life so buses it is

a double ramping okay okay well I know

I guess that's the one thing I didn't think about when I first started two years ago that you know once you're out

there you're out there forever so I don't don't know how I feel like

levels and it's like I just turned 40s so

I don't know like to me it was kind of like well like I don't really care anymore honestly like I don't but like

new people starting I don't know if that's like something people are aware of sometimes you know yeah I think it's like you I think when

you first start you sort of trust the um the you know that the place that you're with is gonna like help block people

taping you and all this kind of stuff but I mean you could do the Geo blocks but

that doesn't from recording you that's the thing anybody can say here with your cell phone or whatever program they

haven't recorded So it's so easy I just go yeah do you get those guys that are like

oh can you get on um Skype yes all the time and I'm dancing right now like

I'm naked right you need to write a book did you have you written a book about this you should

write a book called Larry we should and yeah right away we'd have a blast man we

would have a blast if you help me write it yeah I'm writing that but I mean it would be hilarious it would be good

we could dedicate a poll section to to the dmca that never be destroyed with

Megan 10 pages well we might have to go undercover you know we'll go to those islands and go check it out right

no it is it is so you ready for another crazy question so the first time you're ever on cam

how did you feel when you saw your image on the screen the first very first time

um okay I will be honest when I my first time I I smoked so much weed that I just

I don't even think I love it I I I wasn't really like aware right

right yeah I mean I was like because I was so nervous and I'm like dude I'm so nervous right

now like but I do remember feeling like all these people were watching me and I don't know who's watching me yeah

because that was the like that was like really like weird you know yeah yeah I was too I was like oh I'm

like I really look like that like that was my thoughts at first like I didn't ever say myself no you look beautiful

thank you the low self-esteem you know trying to boost that [ __ ] off but it's hard but yeah I mean you had you come

from the background where you're already in front of people too so that helped yeah but it's a little different though

it's a little different because um if I'm modeling or if I'm acting or

something like that I'm playing a character and so what I've had to do actually which this is a really good

question you ask is that I have to create a character when I go on cam

because if I'm just being me it's just it's I can't do it it's you know yeah

I'm shy and I'm like all these things because I'm really quiet like normally my introvert and all this stuff so I

sort of have to create a character outside of that do you so that I can I can do it that's super cool at first I I

didn't know what to do I was like dude I'm so nervous I had to keep smoking weed every time before I go on she's like anyway go on I can't even see free

like yeah and I'm like I like just to calm my nerves and then I get real feeling and I'm like laughing and stuff

you know then I was like just be somebody just pretend to be somebody else you know

so does that work up good for you yeah trying to keep track of myself that's really cool that's really cool I'm gonna

just create a whole another Alter Ego yeah I like I'd be like what are we doing now

so like what what kind of stuff are you on like did you have any niches I can't

even talk uh like Mills not milk but what do you do like gonna kick your stuff or anything like that

um well I like to do one of my favorite things that I do is I like to let them guide me on what they want me to do so I

sort of play like okay I'll have my tip menu on there and then I'm like you guys decide on what you want me to do because

they sort of takes some stress off of me so you know they'll type in there I'll do this or do that or you know

um you don't want to do like the wheel thing but I just couldn't never do it right I don't know it it seems like

everybody else is like better than mine or something I know it's I never used it myself like

the app that they have in there I've never used it I actually made my own wheel like a spinning wheel right I'm like you're the line is mine

seem like don't be working right it takes a lot of God but oh God you could Google some [ __ ] and you can find some

and stuff but there is a lot of stuff out there really to help yeah we were just talking about on the show the tip

menus like did you find it difficult to price things at first when you first started Yeah well yeah I did what I did

was and I know because I'm not I don't know if they do this on chatterbay but on MSD a lot of girls uh block it so

other models can't see their face yeah they do that shadow rate as well yeah

I was like I want to go I want to see what they're doing I'll sit and watch bro

and that's how I I was you know a lot of pages were blocked but there were some that weren't and I was going there just

to see like what's the going rate for this are these girls charging you know and I sort of just looked on other

people's stuff and then tried to kind of pick the sweet spot in the middle of that or or something like that you know

because I had no idea I was like how much should I charge to show much I know I'm like how much for a picture three

dollars unless he's really low there should be I know there should be like a died that we can look at because yeah

less sometimes you really are I am the third menu is like crazy girl there's

and it's like you really don't know it just depends on the girl because I've seen like girls shows that are doing

like a lot for like five tokens yeah and then I'm well if I just do that they're

probably not gonna wanna so you just have to just yeah set your hips and just go because everybody's different exactly

guys that come in and they'll be like oh you're charging this much be like yeah you just have to stand the ground you

think it's worth that don't change it you know yeah yeah you have to stay on

your ground exactly exactly because guys can they will push you around we'll try to you know they try to get their way

any way they can but nope oh yeah the freeloaders yeah yeah

we call them the Grays over on ChatterBait and a lot of girls a lot of bottles will knock down

but I think it's fun to let them in because you know more people talk to I like to chat a lot so and sometimes

we'll go get some money you know yeah yeah you know when you hear that sound you're like yeah it's like

motivates you know how much was that yeah it's like you're like oh yeah

I'm wondering tokens that gets me excited you know oh yeah I think everybody gets excited

and then when you hit your quota you're like okay now I can get off of here you're like okay so I'm gonna be take it

off you guys I'm gonna do this but I'm gonna go have

a good night and they're like well there they're still there you're like they're still in the room I didn't realize I'm like why

are they still here I'm not coming back yeah then I get all nervous sometimes

like when I'm setting up my room because for any beginning beginner cam bottles

um sorry I have like a horrible cold huffle um for any beginner cam bottles I mean you go on at first you have to set up

your apps and stuff so like I'll be sitting there and I'll see like people come in and I get nervous I'm about

moving fast I'm like oh my God I gotta hurry because they're gonna leave before I get on that's how I feel yeah I don't

care because they sometimes they'll come in and then they will leave and then they'll come back you'll see them even then you see them come back you're like

okay like I'll I'll literally be like hi whatever name is such and such and then they'll leave like okay bye

you know I was like okay cool maybe I'll be interfere writers you know you know what I mean it's a hustle yeah

it is it really is do you work a lot of hours I can um pins like sometimes albums do like a

marathon really and then make a certain amount of money and then I'll take some

time a few days that they'll go on there and then sometimes I'll just go on for like a couple hours and see what's going

on it just stay pans it just depends yeah um I do note that if I'm on longer I

don't necessarily make more money being on longer so I thought that that would be why but

not really sort of just because I'll go on and then take you know take a little break eat something come back and save

like no you know so yeah and it's I feel

the same way because like usually I go up like two three hours next but sometimes in an hour I'm done you know

I've made it that's over enough is what I needed but then after a while longer I'm just like it's so slow sometimes it's so slow yeah and then what about

when you're on there and then you want to leave and then you thinking about making your exit do you see more people coming into the room you're either like

should I say oh God oh God

let's talk sometimes when you're in your own boss do what you want but it's like am I missing out on a big and a big

whale coming in like yeah yeah I think it's like oh I have an

appointment to go to the aluminum today I'm going to take off I gotta go and be somewhere I said they said you know but

I'll be back um and then they're like bye and then they stay on and then

what is going on you know that would be cool I was thinking about oh we should I wonder if

there's like um I don't want to see support group for cam girls but like maybe like

something like that where like we can all like come together and just sort of like talk then and like you know your

ideas and stuff like that because it could be really lonely job and it's very

isolating and so time you can get like you know depressed you know you

definitely can I've been there you're right because I started like I just signed up and we did I interviewed a cam

girl a couple weeks ago that was in a studio and she was talking about how she has all these friends

you signed up by yourself as well right like just online yeah yeah no I'm not with a studio I'm by myself so like we

don't have any I don't have any connections do you like I don't talk to anybody and it's very low no no a

potlucker we seriously should because it would be nice do a potluck or

like a picnic or something and yeah I think so are you and are you uh you're on the East Coast though right yes

yeah I'm not in California so it would be kind of cool though like you're right but there is a resource that don't even

if we did like uh where we all just came like and did like a zoom or something you know just like hey girl want to talk

about how you've been doing like do you want to kind of vent because sometimes I've experience racism on there and I

was just like oh God that was a lot to deal with you know I've had to block certain people from calling me the

n-word that's ridiculous that is ridiculous I've had people come who can do a race plan I'm like who are you

[ ] kidding me like no get the [ ] out like what is wrong with people you said race play yes I'm just like block I

don't know that's not cool it's not cool does anything ever asked you to do that no no one's ever asked me to do that but

I've had one situation where a guy called me the n-word how did you react I don't think I would

have reacted very well I was really shocked yeah and then I of course

blocked them right away and then I went into my settings and I just put that word in there you know you could put

like uh words in sensitive words that you don't want to come up in the chat that's cool so I just went and I'm

typing in that word any or anything associated with that word or any I just you know you're doing

your thing and somebody's dropped something like that that's [ __ ] up yeah

that was a lot I was like oh my God that was not off honestly like I have before people are really really wrong like it's

like they're really having a bad like they're just bad people yeah that's that's hard to handle lots

of other things like you kind of just kind of keep going you could take a break and come back but you still gotta like recoup from that it's

hard sometimes yeah yeah it's very mentally and emotionally yeah you have

to be strong yeah because I took like a week off like last

year I just couldn't deal with it like it was just like really bad for me and yeah it sucks that way like people don't

realize they're like oh your job's so easy really it's not no it's like we make it look easy it's not it's not easy

at all you have to really I mean like think about it you may not even feel like talking that day but then you have

to get on there and be like hey oh it's so funny

I know you've been on there and I'm like a shitty day oh my God I can't get my [ __ ] together

some days I'm just I bring the attitude over I just get off but it's hard it's like an act that's all it is you know

yeah and then like some of these guys I really do believe there's some that just hate women and they want to go in there

to just do you know say some crazy stuff and I agree because they have issues yeah I think

people to go in there and say [ __ ] and leave I do too me too

it's crazy it's just I really do we're like hey you want to go in and [ __ ] around with some some girls make them

feel really bad about themselves like go ahead like oh it's just like come on go find it go

do something else I just don't understand that yeah I'm not malicious and so I just I would never call anybody

a name you know with some people they get off on that [ __ ] it's gross but I don't worry about that but that's like the craziest thing that has ever

happened I was like oh I'm like stalkers or anybody like saying they're you know

oh friend now well yeah I mean you have the regulars I

have Rick I have some regulars and they're sometimes they can get kind of creepy

um you're trying to like keep them boundaries but then you don't want to like scare them away but then you're

like oh God this guy is yeah and it's hard let me draw the line like some people I

don't know where to draw the line I'd like them too much no just set your boundaries you know or

log off and start over again another time exactly I'm done now and it's really

slow I'm like oh or like this is so bad to say but I've had a couple people come in now they're super annoying and they

only do the one talking thing for like a straight hour like every like five minutes one and I'm like it annoys me so I'll get off and I'll wait like 20

minutes then I'll get back on and they're gone do you ever do that uh usually when I do that they'll come

right back I don't repeat anymore like I've been wondering in the settings can they they probably have it they get

notified when you're gone yeah because I'm like what the hell do they know when I keep going on yeah well you want it

like oh where you been I haven't seen you in a while you're like why the hell did you know

and what would you never be you'd hit this little button that says announce when you're online I think anyway it's subscribe to you the how many followers

you have it goes out to them so yeah we can't be from it oh my God

you know I want to ask you um I was thinking about this because I don't care I'm in here right so like I I'll cam

like in my room and everything and I have all that set up but like do you ever find it challenging to like create

a night a space like uh just the best it's like I feel like all these just

trying to find like the best camping space that I can't find hey I'm the same I'm never happy with my

background I never had yeah anywhere around the room like I do it in

my room it's the only place I have but it's like I've moved my [ __ ] everywhere I just can't ever get happy

yeah and then I'm like it seems like everybody else's room is like perfect you know I know when I look it back I'm

like oh God your underwear over there my fan you know I left that [ __ ] I was a plate of food you gotta be clean

you know what I think I think a lot of girls are going at the studios that's what I think a lot of Studio girls so

like that's why their stuff looks like that because they're in studios that have like the setup and the lighting and

all that perfect can I put up some Christmas lights you know yeah I have

some Christmas lights and I'm like on my bed frame then girl those back there are Halloween

lights I mean that's great that's cheaper than the LEDs so yeah or sometimes I'll do just like

their little divider I'll put it so you can't see my apartment I'll just have it like around the camera that's cool good

idea but yeah I mean to me like if I was gonna watch porn I wouldn't want to see a really nice room that's just me and I

know guys a lot of guys don't want to see it they always say normal stuff like not a nice like at the plant over here and there's like tons of awesome

lighting you know yeah yeah they like toys like well not of course that but

like I have a teddy bear they like teddy bears look at that it's weird because like I have like a big teddy bear and

that I put in my bed and they like that I don't know maybe the type of like fetish or something I don't know it

might be I managed to get my pal puppy out from 1983. listen

[Music] oh my God that's funny or if you have like a chick or something you could put

behind you and just see if they notice it yeah yeah I'm doing this tonight I'm gonna get a

stuffed animal I want to put it behind me yeah it's like oh let me show you so this is my bear right here see look you

see him come on they just won yes yes in a bridal veil [ __ ]

but yeah I usually have put him in my in my bed and uh I guess I don't know it's like they like

it I love that that's so cool that's like the coolest thing I've heard in a long time I like original chili yeah

that's cool teddy bear yes that's really cute

what do you like the most about the industry like what do you like the most about being here about what about

tailing being in the industry what's your favorite part um I think the flexibility

um I get to like oh my God I have so much lingerie you know you get to like buy all these outfits that you would

never yeah and you can write them off I had so much lingerie it's crazy and I

know I wouldn't have all that if I didn't have this job you know what I work I'm rashes

you like eyelashes oh I so Envy you because I do not know how come on I

cannot put one I can only do one eye and then the other eye gets all jacked up and I'm like forget it so I'm like oh

right guys I just learned how to do it I don't think I probably even do it right put the like the glue on my lid I think

you're supposed to put it on the lens but they're always crooked one's up here one's down here like yeah and you could

feel it because it's like starts when you blink you could feel it's like hard right yeah it's like to your lower lid you're

like oh my God like it's a [ __ ] show some days we're gonna be trying to put them up it's so pretty though lashes are

pretty I've never used before I started doing this I never really makeup before I started doing this so I started

watching YouTube videos contouring I'm like how do I do this like it's fun yeah I'm still trying to figure it out

like I don't I just trial and error trial and error yeah you know you're

just showing up for yourself I mean you don't gotta you don't have a boss told you how to do this that it's great like you can do whatever you want I love

about it yep so you are on the use like any lovin's toys or anything currently yeah I do I

do I have one that it's interactive yeah which one

uh it's it's like it looks like a little bullet but it has like a little thing

hanging out I can't remember the name of it I like a rabbit no it's another rabbit wouldn't it oh it's uh I didn't

even know the name of that thing the EXO butt no no no way I don't get to look at

all because I'm trying to remember what it was but it's a good one they could you could you

add a person and then they could um interact with it nice because I have a hush three it's

like the thing that goes inside you know what it doesn't do anything for me nothing so I need something better that

works I think they're I think they're fun though they're really fun like before I came into this I had no idea that these things existed did you uh no

when I started seeing girls like with them and I'm like what are they doing you know when I was first trying to like

yeah they just because I would like going like girls Pages because I know I feel like I just wanted to you know

you're learning so you're just like what is she doing what is she doing they would have it in there and it was just

like the little Ring Thing be hanging out I'm like what toy is that what team I was founded yeah and I really thinking

like all these things but there's a way you could do it where you it doesn't necessarily have to be in there if you

put it uh-huh there's a way you could play like on your underwear and it looks like it's

in there it's a lot of truth to it they're kind of like mine is like kind of like just

really fruity and big it's just not really user friendly yeah yeah

here I'll let you grab it for you do you see those yet like the other one because how big that is oh yeah that's the way

that's the one yep yeah that's what I love what is it called because I don't

know what it's called it's the Lush three okay okay okay yeah because I have an

app on here it's like the app I actually just had to get a new one because mine broke like it just stopped working and

they're like 200 are expensive so I emailed one pay that much for it how did

you what girl they got those things on Amazon for like 25 shut up are you still no go on Amazon

and it's the same thing I'm telling you it's not it's not it's like do not pay

all that for that go on Amazon right now I wish I had I was to eat right now and

who makes them girl they have those things put on their um love put love it

love it vibrator okay I'm going to be floored aren't I roll

down at first you'll probably see the ones that are like a hundred dollars but then once you keep scrolling you'll see the ones that are um

that are like 25 years right now I am so good yeah actually I'm excited we read

it more but I'm like trying to say that like I can't afford it and the reviews are really good they yeah oh my God

that's super awesome tip thank you did you find out I did I see one for 23 and

the reviews are good read the reviews they're like they're just like this yeah this is insane this is the best thing

I've heard for that so yeah guys if you don't want to buy it

what do you get what's up Rina is great that just got me really excited I want

to get some more about like shut it down shut it down go in there order all that [ __ ] I'm gonna get things for cheaper

definitely that is great amazing I have a lot of toys from when I went to

um I went to I went to um X3 in Miami yeah that was really nice so it got a

lot of like free toys so cool yeah I got

it that's Sony I've been trying to like be one of those Affiliates or whatever or like get free toys but I don't think

I love sites are legit you know how you get free toys and you write reviews oh yeah yeah you should do it I've never

done that but like I know there's people that do it and I can't find any of you that'll like respond to my emails

I don't know if you saw them I'd love to test out toys that'd be super fun you know I know right yeah

like a new job literally you know so what kind of

advice do you think um you would give somebody that's thinking about hold on my camera is my camera blurry this [ __ ]

sucks I got a new Logitech and the c920x it always goes blurry it doesn't have

one of those things it's self like focusing yeah what is it there's something that you can get that they

they self do it and then some of them don't I wish I would have known because I would never have gotten this like I'm on my show like

real close for it to focus I'm like here you guys go you know yeah

um I think um I would say make sure that you really want to do it because you're gonna have

you're you're gonna be out there there's going to be people who are going to find out and there's trolls I mean

there was this one girl I don't know who she was uh she posted on my Twitter and she had like a snapshot of me on my

website and with my you know like what yeah I'm like trolling me and I'm like

so they will people will find you so you have to make sure that you yeah just do your research yeah I see I

think a lot of girls don't do their research I'm a super big learner like I had to research everything like are you

like that yeah yeah that's because I was like when I was went in the gym I was gonna

um joycams.com but I was like I gotta read about it first and so I I'm still like reading up on it yeah

with picking a site like I need to make sure that I can get paid quick because I don't like to wait two weeks or a week

and like you know I like ChatterBait because of that reason because they get you get daily pay like it takes like 24

hours to get to you but it's nice to be able to get your work in the same day MFC like that I can't remember

no no you don't get paid in the same day for MSC but that you get paid that's good because some people don't get paid

well I got paid one time I run out there for like an hour one time and then like when is this

I do remember when I first started and I went in my first private that was crazy

and I I was so scared and I I did everything too fast

he he I still made money but he's like slowed down because I didn't know what to do I thought like once you get in there you're just supposed to like go

wow you know oh my God that's super [ __ ] crazy because I did it too you did it too he's like why are you going

fast I'm like I'm sorry I'm just really nervous I'm really nervous yeah like he's like wait like just slow down you

know you know I was just trying to hurry your victim no I'm like just sitting there like

taking my time watching those minutes because that those those privates that's

where you make your money yeah so if you keep bothering for long do it you know that's where it just keeps the whole world going that's great yeah just just

make sure you research um just make sure you know that your material is going to get stolen at some

point and you have to be okay with that but um I mean I think it's not as taboo

as it used to be it's it's a little bit more acceptable now you know and uh

yeah hey go for it you know it's it's a great job you can make a good living if

you stick with it and um get to make your own hours you get to

you're in control of your life and that's what I like I like being in control

I really like your idea of the whole like Zoom thing we should definitely get to this I know I'm serious about what

I'm serious about it because I mean I think that would be great we could probably start like a little um a group chat first and then we don't

have the people like moderators or anything and just be us just you know yeah we just sort of veg and we you know

talk about what happened or anything that we want to like you know just to help because who else could like who

else could we talk about it with it run it I mean Reddit I get sick of forums

honestly like it'd be nice just talk to people I know me too did you use the go on stripperware.com before they um shut

down no it wasn't it was a really good site it was a really good site I go on there all the time and it was a lot of

like camp tomorrow I was in cam discussions on there with her but it'd be really nice just to like talk like

this like I think it would really help a lot a lot of girls out I really do I do too we should definitely you know

I'll hit you up outside of here we can talk about it we could definitely get something together I think it'd be cool for sure especially like newbies coming

in and then maybe they want to know like what do I do about this and you know I wouldn't mind helping because I wish I

had somebody like help me I had to get I had to do everything the hard way me too and then I learned less hard lessons you

know what to say you know nice I'm a helper too I love to help so you should definitely baby guys stay

tuned my wagon with a couple of the works here right absolutely absolutely

so do you have anything to add do you think maybe that's not anything anything you want to say about yourself we covered a lot like

a lot done yeah but I'm definitely gonna hit you up outside of here and we will talk about

the zoom things I think it's a really great great idea sure I mean it might start off with just two three people

efforts and then you know we could like post it and be like oh we're having our cam you know debriefing but I don't want

to call it I don't know hahaha you've been doing like vent sessions we could do like craft ones you

know we could do a bunch of stuff yeah like like throw off ideas to each other because I feel like you know because you

can't go on certain girls Pages like some girls are like I don't want you copying me and all that but like I'm not

trying to We're just trying to like find out like what to do that's the thing and like I'm not want

to take you're not either to take the ideas but some people will go they're just straight taking all just put it on you know yeah yeah

where can I put this [ __ ] right on there you know yeah they were yeah really why

do I leave my room open I don't care people come in I really don't care you know is it like somebody out that's cool

you know well hey I will definitely um talk to you outside here about that

little group things I really think that's cool but it was great having you we'll definitely

discussion I'm so glad we got a chance to do it you know we almost didn't but I'm glad that we did it it wasn't meant

to be you know trust the universe there but yes I'm glad we got it all together thank you I appreciate it all right have

a good night hey y'all that was Bella mayori super

cool chick um we learned about MFC um just like Shadow Bay it's a token

site we learned some cool things um great advice so yeah definitely go check out all her socials her links will be in

the description as well as the podcast and information um listen to us on everywhere that you

can listen to a podcast on and you can support us over on patreon hey guys we will talk to you soon have a great night

[Music] thank you