How To Be A Streamate Expert

Streamate is superior to Chaturbate and Onlyfans. These experienced Streamate cam girls show you why it is the best live cam site for webcam models and how to make money on Streamate the easy way.

6/15/20233 min read

How to be a streamate expertHow to be a streamate expert

Streamate is a live web cam platform that provides adult enthusiasts a chance to have interaction with cam models from around the globe that is similar to Chaturbate, MyFreeCams, etc. But it has various differences. Streamate is more focused on private shows and models cannot show their private parts in free public chat. Some cam girls are not a huge fan of this format but it works really well for many webcam models who do quite well there. Like a few cam models who appeared on Cam Girl Diaries Podcast, two in particular, Lavender Liv and Kittie Katie.

Lavender Liv explains: "I feel like that's why I thrive on streamate is because they're more private based. I feel like I am more of like the girl next door. I'm not shoving a bunch of weird shit inside of me. I really don't even do anything crazy, it's kind of like basic vanilla. Like dirty talking type shit. But I'm really good at talking to people and I'm really good at making them feel like I care about them and I want to get to know them and I'm there all for them and that's just a skill that I have in my everyday life. So I've got people that come back multiple times in like a few hours period that I'm on. I feel like all I need to do is talk to somebody once and like, do one session with them and that's it. I've talked to some girls, their thing is like, you know, they're shoving all kinds of weird shit in them and that's what they do. They're not too much into talking or all that shit. So I really thrive in the one on one like that is my Jam.

Usually what I do when I get on, I'll sit and wait and they call it a guest chat, the free chat and people can tip me. I use my tip vibe and all that type of shit. Um, honestly though I'm not in there for any more than like, three minutes without somebody pulling me for a one on one like, three minutes or less. And I'm getting pulled for a one on one which is, I mean it's awesome!

Also, I don't use social media. I don't know how to do it really. And I don't even really feel comfortable promoting myself like that. It doesn't come naturally like sitting here like this, talking to you, like genuine connection that comes naturally to me. That other stuff is like, that's hard work and it doesn't really make sense in my head, you know, but I am trying. I'm like, oh, which picture of my ass am I going to post today? No thanks. I make plenty without promoting myself on social media."

Kittie Katie adds: "I find I make the most money on Streamate. Myfreecams is probably a close second and then Chaturbate comes in third. But Chaturbate is where I have the largest following. So Chaturbate is probably where I've gotten the most subscriptions to my Onlyfans through. So, there's definitely kind of a method to the madness for each. I think you can do what works for you. I know some girls who do extraordinarily well on Chaturbate. But people sleep on Streamate a lot and it kills me. I make the majority of my money on Streamate so that is probably where I put the most of my focus."

Listen to Lavender Liv and Kitty Katie explain more on Cam Girl Diaries Podcast below:

Lavender Liv & Kittie Katie Explain How They Are Successful Using Streamate

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