Selling Nudes On Snapchat

Full time cam girl Violent Ventur shows you how to sell nudes on Snapchat and make money selling your premium content on Snapchat.

6/15/20233 min read

It can be very time consuming to sell on Snapchat but possibly worth it if you take the time to learn how. You can sell directly to customers, use it to direct customers to your other sites like Onlyfans, Chaturbate, etc. or do both! You could even direct customers from those sites to your Snapchat, it's really up to you on how you want to do it. Granted, it's not for every kind of content. There are limitations on file sizes that you can send, stories disappearing, etc. But if you can utilize it correctly, it could be worth it for certain things, as cam model Violent Ventur explains.

Recently, webcam model and cam girl Violent Ventur was a guest on the Cam Girl Diaries Podcast and she discussed how she sells premium content on Snapchat: "It's like fast food. Like if you want something quick and simple, Snapchat's great. But if you want me to do a quality cosplay custom, another platform would be better. I'm actually not a big fan of Snapchat, but it's a good place for business. Another cam girl, OMGhBomb kind of taught me how to do Snapchat right. But it's still a lot of work. Plus stuff disappears if you sell like your premium private stories to someone or whatever and that's a draw back for a lot of people. I've been told multiple times that I'm not posting enough because there's not content 24 /7 and I'm like, look if you want something that doesn't disappear, I got options.

There's multiple ways you can send things. I don't send snaps like to groups, but I know you can. For me, it's like I said, some things go out to anybody or put it on the Snap Map so that it can be seen based on locality, but it has to be safe for work because you can get recorded. Then there's your friends list and then there's private stories. So I keep people who are previewing my private or considering buying content. I keep people on my friends list for a little while. And then if they don't buy the premium and get a preview and don't ask for a menu or whatever, I just boot them eventually after a couple of weeks. So that's like my platform where if you're not a buyer, I'm gonna remove you, but that's the only one I do that with. And again, that was advice that was given to me. So it's what I do.

The Snapchat stories is what sells, or they can buy other things. I do like dance requests and things like that over Snapchat because it's quick and easy. If somebody wants a 10 minute custom, I'm like you gotta go to my Onlyfans so I can send it there. So because that kind of stuff and I don't like downgrading the quality of my stuff Snapchat isn't my favorite. I think why I clash with Snapchat a lot is because people come in expecting content constantly but it's like clips of just random solo or something like that. But it's like fast food. If you want something quick and simple, Snapchat is great. But if you want me to do a quality cosplay custom or, you know, an actual boy girl video or something, it's gonna be quality and so it's not gonna send on Snapchat because you can only send a small size video file or pics. And I have seen people sell. They'll set up a private story for one night and sell like a sex show or something. But I've never done that.

Again, Snapchat is not my preferred platform but it does bring in, money and it's better than Onlyfans as it doesn't take 20% so that's always good.

Listen to Violent Ventur on the Cam Girl Diaries Podcast below for her full interview, as she shares A LOT MORE information:

Watch Violent Ventur On Cam Girl Diaries Podcast

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