Sex Work Stigma And How Its Changing

Sex worker stigma is at an all time high. They are seen as deviant and labeled immoral, unclean and/or diseased and it's all because of beta males who can't satisfy girls.

6/19/20233 min read

Experienced Cam Model Kitty Katie talks about the stigma of sex work and sex workers on Cam Girl Diaries Podcast:

Most of my friends think I'm absolutely crazy. I've got a couple that are supportive that I really hang on to and cherish. But the vast majority of responses that I got when I said that I was going to continue to work as a cam girl were negative. A lot of people who supported me when I was doing it when I had no other means, all of a sudden thought it was a terrible idea for me to turn down this full time job I was offered as opposed to doing camming. even though I was like, I'm happy and I can do the things that I love and that make me feel good or I can go back to the safety of a 40 hour job that I absolutely hate, that gives me all these benefits, but it's crushing my soul. I was amazed at how many people were just like, no crush your soul.

They're like, being an online sex worker is so horrible. I'm like, is it? What's so bad about it? I think that's the society we just live in. That's it. I mean, you throw in religion and all that bullshit and the fucking culture we're in now and that's where we're at.

I bet you in the nineties, if the internet was what it was now, sex work wouldn't be that big a deal. you know. Sex work is not a new thing. It did not just start. As long as people have existed, they've been paying for sex. Sex sells, that's what it is. That's the way our society is. And why does that have to be a problem?

You know, here's the thing we are all just blobs of like flesh on this big hunk of carbon. We are the reason that we feel pleasure from sex is because we're driven to. It's part of what is ingrained in our DNA. So why fight that? Why treat it like it's bad? Why make each other feel bad about it and not just enjoy it and have some fun? It's the world we live in, especially now what we're built for. People don't think twice about when animals fuck each other in nature. But then they're like oh God, you shouldn't be an online sex worker. I'm like, why? Animals fuck each other all the time and it's fine? But people shouldn't do that?

As a webcam model, I don't even have to actually go and put myself at risk. I'm in the safety of my own home behind a locked door. I'm not putting myself at risk of any STD's. I'm comfortable. I'm in control.

The world is moving faster now. You watch a show from the 1950's, the husband and wife slept in separate beds. But that wasn't reality. But you know on TV, that had to be the reality. That was only about 70 or 80 years ago. I'll never forget when I was a kid. I saw my grandparents kiss and I was appalled. I was like, oh my God! Old people don't kiss! And my mother looked at me and she was like, how do you think your grandmother got to have eight children? And I don't know why I was like, 13 years old or something. And it just struck with me and I was like oh my God, she's right. My grandma had sex and she might still be having sex. Holy shit! But it's normal. Hey, grandpa was blowing loads in grandma, that's just a fact.

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